Private Offerings 

Sometimes public group classes just aren't what you need...


  • Are you working with a specific health concern and want to explore how to tailor your yoga practice for optimal well-being? 

  • Are you new to yoga and want to learn a bit before going to a group class? 

  • Is there something in particular you would like to work on to deepen your practice?

  • Or maybe you just want to get a group of people together to have a fun, joyful practice. 

Whatever the reason, if you are looking for a private lesson I would be happy to hear from you! All private sessions are currently offered via Zoom.

Private lessons are an investment in you! What could be more valuable than learning how to find comfort and ease in your body, peace of mind, and overall joy in life.


I understand that finding a teacher that is right for you is so important to getting what you want and need out of the practice. Here is what some of my students have to say...

My passion is helping people to find more joy in their lives through yoga. For some people this means working to ease pain in the physical body, for others it may mean finding tools to cope with stress and hardship, while others it may be having fun by playing with challenging poses. Whatever it is for you, I look forward to working with you on the journey. ~Jaime

Dawn M.

Pine Island, Florida

Taking yoga classes in the past, I could never feel quite “settled” in a group of students, and I always left wishing I could ask questions or focus on a particular issue I might be having. Individual instruction with Jaime solved those concerns. She is an extremely gifted teacher and mentor, gently guiding me toward the refinement of postures, but more importantly toward finding the “soft-gaze” that quiets self-judgment. She has been integral to my deeper appreciation of the practice. Gratitude!

Duncan V.

Norfolk, England

“That was fun!” Today was my first go at yoga so I was a little apprehensive. I cycle a lot so I am not the most flexible and my balance is not great.  An hour later and I am totally relaxed having learnt new stretches and have a few poses to practice. Most importantly I laughed a lot.

Arielle T.

Pine Island, Florida

In taking a private session with Jaime, she guided me through a flow tailored to my skill level and interests, allowing me to explore and deepen my practice. She was receptive to my suggestions for what I wanted to do with the 90 minutes and provided the props needed to assist in making the asanas accessible. Scheduling and communicating prior to the class was effortless. It was a great experience for me. I highly recommend taking a private class with Jaime and I intend to do so again.

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So you might be thinking maybe this is for you, but want to know a little bit more...


First I want you to know that I see every student that I have the honor to teach as a unique individual, and your session with me will be tailored to what it is that you need. I take time to prepare just for you, drawing from the intensive trainings and experiences I have had since beginning teaching in 2006. 

Whether you are looking for a one-time session, to deepen knowledge of one particular aspect of your practice, or if you are looking to work therapeutically, please email me and lets schedule a time for a chat to discuss options.



One-time Private Session - 60 minutes - $95 (1-4 people)

*Contact me for pricing of larger groups or off-site events.

Yoga Therapy Package - 4 sessions - $360 

*Each session is 60-75 minutes and includes personalized assessments and a written plan for personal practice between sessions. 

The yoga therapy components of my business are based on my Certification through the International Association of Yoga Therapy (C-IAYT) and my study through the Kripalu School of Integrative Yoga Therapy, not my status as a 500-RYT with Yoga Alliance. The training through Kripalu Integrative Yoga Therapy is an 800-hour program accredited by the IAYT.

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