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I am so excited to be offering this opportunity to create community, share the deeper practices of yoga both in and beyond the physical practice, and to provide this in an accessible way. I know many of you want to learn more, and go deeper with the practice, but getting to yoga workshops and trainings can be challenging in a busy schedule and expensive. I truly hope this offers a  way to deepen your knowledge with the support of community ~Jaime

Wondering if this might be right for you? If you have been practicing yoga long enough to feel comfortable with the physical postures, you know the basic poses, and are curious to deepen your knowledge of yoga, read on!

When I first began practicing yoga regularly in 2003, I fell in love almost immediately with the physical practice, and became curious about the philosophy and deeper practices that my teacher would sometimes mention. Two years into my practice I jumped into a 50-hour teacher training program. At the time I had no intention of teaching, I just wanted to learn as much as I could and the training fit in my schedule and in my budget.


Now I see in others that desire to deepen their practice, but the uncertainty of how to do it. Lets face it teacher trainings and intensive workshops can be hard to fit in around everything else, and can be a bigger investment than what you might be ready to make. Even a weekly class can be hard to commit to on a regular basis with travel, work, family schedules, and everything else in life.  

From my own experiences and from that desire I see in others, I was inspired to create this program, and am so excited to have the opportunity to share with all of you!!!


In this first series the focus will be on developing a deeper understanding, based on experiential learning, of the roots of the eight-limbed path of yoga. You all know that yoga is not just about physical exercise, but do you have a firm understanding of what makes it different? Do you want to be able to experience the benefits of yoga in a day to day basis? Facing challenges in life with a sense of peace and ease, and finding more joy in everyday life?

An exploration of the yamas, the ethical guidelines of yoga, in practice on the mat will give you the basis of taking those guidelines into your everday life to find more peace and joy.

I taught a similar semi-private series over the summer to a few students in Maine. Here is what they have to share about their experience...

Garrett V.

Belfast, ME

"Jaime Boswell has a superb knowledge of yoga, and I loved the class series I did with her on the yamas/niyamas.  Her understanding of mudras and how to open the bodymind make for a powerful experience for anyone interested in deepening their grasp of yoga.  But it's Jaime's kindness and compassion that stay with me now that our course is over.  One really knows when a yoga teacher has integrated the practices of yoga, because this teacher is unfailingly kind and patient.  Jaime Boswell is that kind of teacher.  I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to love yoga more."

Kaye Z.

Belfast, ME

"Jaime's class encouraged me to take the time to practice breath work and achieve yoga poses with humility and contentment.  Her slow methodical exploration freed me from ambition and judgment.  She showed me how to relax, listen to my body and she gave me the gift of yoga that extends far beyond the yoga mat."

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  • 5 weekly audio classes beginning the week of October 30, these will be files that you can keep forever, and that you can listen to in whole or in parts when it fits in your schedule! In other words you don't need to be able to commit to 90-minutes straight. Each 90-minute class will include the following segments:

    • An introduction to a bit of yoga philosophy, and focus throughout class, on the topic of the day. The first series will focus on the yamas, the ethical guidelines that form the roots of yoga.

    • Centering and Pranayama (breathwork)

    • A meditative physical asana practice, modifiable based on your personal intentions.

    • A guided meditation and relaxation

  • Participation in a private Facebook group where we can:

    • Discuss, share thoughts and inspiration on the teachings for each week.

    •  Ask and get answers to questions you may have about the classes, including physical postures and all other aspects of the practices offered. 

    • Use Facebook Live to provide interactive video teachings on postures that you have questions about. Facebook lives will occur on Sundays, you can submit questions ahead of time if you can't make it and watch the videos when you have the time! Or you can participate live. The time that these will take place will be announced every week.

The Investment in deepening your practice through Series 1 is only $100. I want this to be accessible and for many to benefit from this life-changing practice! 

A few things that will support your full participation:

  • A yoga mat, 2 blocks, blanket or towel, and a strap (a long belt or scarf can work)

  • A computer or smartphone from which you can listen to the recordings. 

  • A Facebook account - don't worry if you don't have one you can easily sign up and use it just for this!

  • Optionally - the book True Yoga by Jennie Lee which I will be using to guide discussions, and a journal.

One last thing please read my terms and conditions prior to booking, as one more way to make sure this is right for you! Then click Book Online, select Group Services and get signed up, be sure to click on the date/time and then "Join" - you can easily pay via PayPal (note you do not need to have a PayPal account). Please feel free to email me if you have any questions!

Additional series will be held after the New Year to continue learning the eight-limbed approach to yoga, get started now and be a part of it from the beginning!

Classes will be made available for download as MP3 files Monday afternoon/evening each week beginning October 30. A link will be emailed to all participants for weekly access.

So what do you think, might this be for you??? Here is what you can expect in Series 1...

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