Dawn Marano

Dawn Marano trained as a SoulCollage® facilitator in 2004, having been inspired by the visionary founder, Seena B. Frost.


In her career as a book editor, spanning nearly twenty-five years, Dawn worked with hundreds of authors hoping to bring their manuscripts to publication. For her, the correlation between writing and the practice of SoulCollage® was obvious: When we explore our lives and tell our stories, we are honoring the truth of our connections with one another and to that which is larger than ourselves. 

Dawn is the author of the memoir “Motel Mind,” in the anthology, When We Say We're Home: A Quartet of Place and Memory, and published many personal essays, some of which appeared in and are archived at the literary on-line journal Ascent.


She currently resides most of the year on Pine Island with her husband and the bodhisattva Pekoe, who happens to look like a cat. She began studying yoga with Jaime Boswell in 2016.

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