Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside dreams. Who looks inside awakens. ~ Carl Jung

Whole Soul Wellness Yoga workshops are offered to give you an opportunity to learn more deeply the practices of yoga and other complimentary approaches to self-study and holistic well-being. 

This Ayurveda Mini Series, offered by Josceyln McManus, MSN, RN, will introduce you to the key concepts of the ancient healing science of Ayurveda.


You will learn your Ayurvedic mind/body often referred to as “Dosha” and how to take steps to live in balance with your true nature.  Through out this mini series we will explore subtle lifestyle changes and Ayurvedic theories that will support your current state of health and how to maintain  “Health Harmony”.  We will delve into important areas of life that impact our bodies, minds, spirit and emotions. 


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Let’s get together talk about these self loving topics:


  • Getting you more balanced in mind and body.

  • Why creating and maintaining daily rituals and routines is one of the BEST ways to stay in balance.

  • Identifying good lifestyle habits and how to incorporate new subtle changes for better. health, less stress and a happier mind.

  • Healthy digestion and how it impacts our health and our life.

  • How to support you metabolism and “digestive fires” through lifestyle.

  • Sleep. How to create rituals and habits that will have you sleeping like a baby.

  • How a little nourishing evening self-care can go a long way.

  • How to create joy in the small stuff and how to carry it with you always.

  • Getting you into your own happy place right within your own heart.


Ayurvedic tea, joy, laughter, and self love are included with all sessions.

The first mini-series (Jan 26, Feb 16, Mar 2, Mar 16) is full, so we have added new dates! 

Session 1 March 2, 2019 2:30-4:30 

Ayur-what?  Exploring the Basics of the Ayurveda


Come explore and discover Ayurveda in our first session together. Ayurveda translates to ‘the knowledge of life.” We will talk about what this means and how this ancient science can profoundly improve your health and happiness. Learn the history of Ayurveda along with methods to incorporate it into your modern lifestyle. Using the concepts of the five elements; earth, water, fire, air and space we will identify your mind/body dosha and what this means in terms of your balanced state of health harmony and what it looks and feels like to be out of balance. We will continue to explore these concepts throughout the entire series.



Session 2 March 16, 2:30-4:30

Building A Daily Wellness Routine; Your Body Will Thank You


When we know what to expect, we know how to prepare. Our minds and bodies work the same way.  Modern science now supports  what Ayurveda has been saying for thousands of years, we are healthier and function better with a consist wellness routine.  What is a wellness routine? Why is this SO important and what does it have to do with your health and happiness? In this workshop will discuss the benefits of a daily routine and how to start building (and maintaining) one that supports your individual mind/body dosha. Learn to create a morning routine that starts from the moment you wake up so that you make the most of your day.  We will introduce methods to modify this routine to stay in harmony with the seasons of the year no matter where you are geographically using the qualities of the five elements. We will continue to build these concepts and practices throughout our series.


Session 3 March 30, 2:30 - 4:30

Happy Tummy, Happy Life, How Improving Our Digestion Can Improve Our Life


Ayurveda believes that state our digestion directly impacts almost every aspect of our life.  From our mood to the quality of our sleep, to the strength of immune system.  In this workshop will learn key concepts of our digestive fires and how to stoke this fire and keep it strong with; Food choices and preparations based on the seasons, exercise and healthy eating rituals.  Discover how spices can support your digestion according to your Dosha and why this is important for your unique state of health harmony. Learn steps to avoid putting out that digestive fire in order maintain optimal digestion.  We learn how your yoga practice supports your digestion and simple yoga poses to improve and balance the body and mind in the realm of digestion.



Session 4 April 6, 2:30 - 4:30

How to Sleep Soundly and Fall in Love With Bedtime Rituals


We all know how important our sleep is and how it directly impacts our health and happiness.  We also know that it’s not so easy to get that full nights sleep. Ayurveda says that a good nights sleep starts in the morning through our lifestyle choices and routine.  Come and learn how to set up your day so that you can experience the maximum benefits of those sacred hours f sleep. We will discuss simple lifestyle adjustments in areas of diet, when to eat specific foods for better, your exercise routine and how the exercises choices are impacting your ability to fall asleep and stay asleep. Other topics include stress management, sleep hygiene, yummy sleep friendly recipes and what to do when you just can’t fall asleep.  Ayurvedic marma pressure points will be introduced to promote restful sleep.


If you are new to Ayurveda and were unable to attend the first Intro to Ayurveda session, you can participate in single sessions by

  1. Either meeting 1:1 with Joscelyn for an individual consult, or

  2. Investing in the recording and handouts from the Intro Session so that you are prepared to join in the other sessions.  

Investment: Single Session - $40, Recording & Handouts for Session 1 - $30, 3-sessions plus recording & handout for session1 - $100

Email Jaime to Register - please include what sessions you would like to attend. 

Email Joscelyn for setting up 1:1 consultations

Joscelyn's Ayurveda Soapbox

"I have put my heart and soul into learning the sacred healing science and I am so truly excited to bring to this community.  I have experienced first hand, total transformation of my health and mind through Ayurveda. I have witnessed others around me who have embraced this lifestyle also see profound changes in their health and quality of life.  I want you to experience this too. I want to shout this knowledge from the rooftops for everyone to live in harmony with the rhythms of nature as I have learned to do. You deserve this. You are worth this.  Let me inspire you the way that I have been inspired to take control of my own well being. My heart cannot wait to help you in anyway that I can for a happier and health life. Let us get together and learn as the beautiful community of Pine Island does, in peace, love and for the betterment of all. I look forward to this chance to teacher, to listen, and to learn from each of you."

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