Welcome to Whole Soul, an online and boutique yoga studio, offering accessible, empowering and authentic yoga experiences for holistic well-being.


Join us and experience the benefits in your spirit as more joy and peace, in your mind as more clarity and focus, and in your body as more strength and ease.  

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What do we mean by accessible, empowering and authentic yoga? 

On accessibility...

  • Yoga practices are offered in a way that allow for options to suite a wide range of individuals with varying abilities, needs, health conditions and body types.

  • Membership rates are offered to allow for more people to benefit from affordable, regular, multiple-times per week yoga classes. *If the cost is not accessible to you, please reach out and we can work together to determine a rate for you.

  • All classes are offered online allowing anyone to connect from the comfort of home or while traveling. 


On empowering...

  • With the belief that we are our own best teachers, each student is invited to question, explore and learn from their own embodied experience of the practices. 

  • Tools, techniques and alignment are all offered as a basis of exploration to find the expression of the yoga practice that feels right within your own experience. 


On authentic yoga...

  • Yoga originated from the Indian culture thousands of years ago and has a deep history of philosophy and practices that are much vaster than the physical activities.

  • At Whole Soul it is our intention to integrate the physical practices with the other highly beneficial teachings of yoga, including meditation, breath practices, mudra, ethics, lifestyle, and philosophy. In so doing we hope to honor the roots of yoga and enhance your experience through the sharing of these practices.


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Have questions? Jaime Boswell, owner of Whole Soul, is available to chat with you. Jaime is a Certified Yoga Therapist and an Advanced Teacher of Therapeutic Yoga, with over 1000-hours of training. She would love to share her passion with you!

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